EIKI literally means “projector” in Japanese. Founded in 1953 in Osaka. Eiki became the best known manufacturer of 16mm filmprojectors. The focus on quality, made from EIKI the largest selling 16mm projector manufacturer in the world, it became the cornerstone of the Company. A new factory was built around the modular design concept which permitted a dramatic increase in productivity. In the late '80’s, in conjunction with several technology partners, EIKI innovated LCD video projection technology, and by the early '90's EIKI was one of only two brands of LCD Video Projectors marketed worldwide. Today, EIKI has a wide range of professional multi-media projectors, very much appreciated by professionals.


  • Event Line

    A powerfull line of projectors for any circumstance of life events and large venues. Full HD definition and Laser digital projection. Vivid natural colors, ideal for cinema, theater and all film and video spectacles. The “top” of EIKI’s projector range. See also www.eiki.com

  • Aula Line

    Up from 5000 till 7000 Lumens, the aula line offers a tailor made range of projectors. With a wide choice of changeable lenses, this serie is suitable for any projection distance. Ideal for aula’s, auditoriums, cultural centers, conference halls and larg meeting rooms.

  • Office Line

    Two versions (LC-XBS500 & LC-WBS-500) of this powerfull business projector with 5600 or 5100 lumens and a contrast of 4000:1, in XGA or WXGA. A high-end LCD projector for intens daily use.

  • Short Throw

    Less than 2 meter from the screen, short throw projectors are used in small offices or rooms. Next to the presenter it is an ideal tool for interactive applications. No blinding light and no shadow from the speaker. To be used also in connection with a white board.

  • Entry Models

    The Eiki LC-XNS3100 comes with 3,100 ANSI lumens bright with 80% uniformity and a 2400:1 contrast ratio. It is compatible with inputs up-to UXGA and WUXGA and supports analog and digital video input in all color standards up-to 1080p. The LC-XNS3100 accepts composite, component, and S-Video in all major standards. It displays both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios and supports most HDTV resolutions. Side-accessed lamp and air filter for ease of maintenance.